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An experience beyond 'buy now for next day delivery'

Bespoke commissions for private and business clients is the main part of what I do.  I love the creative challenge of designing and making something new, and love delivering something unique and special just for you.   

It may seem a little daunting to commission a piece of bespoke furniture but it really isn't. Here's how they generally work...

Get in touch.

If you're looking for a piece of furniture, have an idea or project you think I might be able to help with, get in touch via my contact page.  Its great if you can write me a brief detailing what you want and including information/requirements such as:

  • Overall dimensions.  Anything specific features you want? Anything to be stored in the piece, records, amplifier, wine etc.. 

  • Do you have a design style in mind, existing furniture/interior decor you want the piece to compliment or want me to see what I come up with?  Have you seen something I've made previously that inspired you? 

  • Are there specific materials, wood type(s) or wood colour(s) you want to use? 

  • Budget expectations.

Don't worry if you don't know everything, these are just a starting point to help assess whether the project is feasible. If it is, I'll work with you to figure these out over the course of the commission.   

Design concepts.

With the brief and key requirements established, my first step is to produce some conceptual designs for you to review.  These are generally sketches or quick 3D models to get my ideas for the piece over to you.  At this stage I will also estimate some rough costs.  

Final design.

Should you want to proceed, a fixed design fee will be taken to develop your chosen concept into a fully detailed design.  During this phase numerous design reviews will be had and material samples provided to ensure the piece is going to be to your exact expectations.  A final design, with all dimensions/details specified, and fixed quote for the build will be provided for approval.