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Hi I'm Liam and I'm a Bristol based designer maker.

My Work

I've always had a very balanced left and right brain.. A passion for art and sculpture combined with a very logical and mathematical thought process.     

Its this I believe that's led to a contemporary, geometric and sculptural approach to design.  I'm inspired by architectural and automotive design, as well as nature.  


I make by hand in my small workshop, using tradition and powered handtools but also believe technology such as CAD and 3D printing has its place.  For me, there's just nothing more satisfying than being covered in dust seeing a finished item and knowing the time and effort that's gone into it.     

Thanks for checking out my work!

Getting Here

I've designed and made things my whole life.  I grew up in a small village near Edinburgh and had a childhood filled with making dens in the woods, Lego and helping my Dad with DIY around the house.    

Through high school art, maths and tech became my subjects of choice, eventually leading me to studying a Masters in Product Design Engineering.  This is a course run jointly between the Glasgow Art School and University combining mechanical engineering with product design, it suited me perfectly.


After graduating with a 1st class MEng degree I moved to Bristol, a city I quickly fell in love with, to start working as a Design Engineer at Dyson.  There I worked primarily on the user experience design for the Environment Control product range.  However, feeling somewhat creatively constrained with the day job I began making furniture for myself from the spare-room of my flat. 


At the start of 2019, after 5+ years of Dyson and a growing frustration with big company politics I decided to leave.  Leaving to pursue being part of something smaller, slower and getting back to being more hands on; designing what I want and seeing where that takes me...

In June 2020, alongside working part-time in the awesome Good Chemistry Brewery, I started my own business.  Beer + Woodworking, what's not to love!?

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